Saturday, December 24, 2011

Right Turn on Broadway

Manhattan, New York City

Sleek streets in New York City after rain
I can't believe that we are about to celebrate another Christmas Eve. It only feels like yesterday that we were celebrating the last one. How does time go by so fast?

Yes, I have not been uploading photos everyday. This month has been a chaotic one with work, a new apartment and lots of shopping. The blog has been on my mind all the time and it now looks like I am pick up its pace again.

I took this photograph last December in New York City. Nothing really out of the ordinary. I just like the contrast and feel to it. 

This photo was shot using my Samsung compact camera and this is the first photo on my blog that hasn't been edited at all.

One last thing before I close this is that I wish a very big HAPPY CHRISTMAS to my followers and readers and I hope you will have a wonderful time.

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