Saturday, May 5, 2012


View of the London Eye from the river Thames

I finally got around to sorting and editing my London photos that were taken in my latest trip.  This photo was one of those photos that you just take while you are walking. No thoughts, just point and snap and then you realize it actually looks good and has potential. Sometimes unplanned photos turn out to be better than the ones you spend hours upon hours thinking about!

This photo was taken from the Millennium Bridge while we were on our way to the Tate Modern. While it was freezing, the day was beautiful! Very blue skies and not a single cloud in sight. Very rare for London but we got lucky.

I am a person that simply love skylines (still believe no skyline can beat the NYC skyline) but when you are in a city like London (or Paris) it's actually good that they prohibit such tall buildings. I think if London had a skyline similar to NYC it would kill it's authenticity.

This photo was taken using a Canon 40D with my usual 60mm macro lens. It was edited and converted to black and white using Photoshop CS4.