Thursday, November 17, 2011

First Snow

New York City

A typical street full of snow in New York City
"When snow falls, nature listens." Antoinette van Kleeff
Finally, after a long brutal summer winter is approaching. When I was younger I loathed cold rainy days but now that I am getting older I am realizing that there is nothing nicer than a cold wintry day. Summers are just too brutal and I don't understand how I used to love them so much.

This photograph was taken on a typical New York City street. It had snowed the day before so the snow was still pure white. As everyone who has experienced snow knows that it gets dirty pretty fast and it's not a nice scene. The white becomes all shades of gray with the occasional shade of yellow.

That's why the first snow fall is my favorite. To see an entire city covered in white is something beautiful in my opinion. It also occurred to me that maybe I love snow this much only because I don't drive and I don't have to shovel anything off my path.

This photograph was shot using my cheap compact camera. It was converted to black and white in PS CS4.

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