Saturday, October 8, 2011

Left Standing in the Rain

72nd Street, New York City

A woman hailing a cab in New York City
"A car is useless in New York City, essential everywhere else. The same with good manners." Mignon McLaughlin
When I found the quote to go with this picture I wondering how many New Yorkers actually agree with it. The first part I am sure a lot of us agree on, but what about the second part? I haven't been to many places in the USA apart from California, Texas and New Jersey and I can honestly say that people in New York City are very well mannered compared to the states I mentioned. Now I don't want to offend anyone, I am just making a remark about the second part of the quote!

To get an idea how competitive New York City can be, try hailing a cab. You will get the picture right away especially during rush hours. You'd think that a cold rainy day it would be easier but apparently not for this woman in the picture. If you full view the picture you can see her holding up her arm to stop the cab but it was already loaded. She was there for some time before eventually her dream came true and she managed to get a ride.

The area in this picture is one of my favorites in Manhattan. It's 72nd street and I remember the very first time I saw it I fell instantly in love. Don't ask me why, because I don't have an answer. 

This photograph was captured on my iPhone using the Hipstamatic app. Some minor editing was done in PS CS4. Settings for Hipstamatic were BlacKeys B&W/Lucifer IV

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