Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Star Flower

"Beauty is but a flower, which wrinkles will devour." Thomas Nash

Right now I am going through a phase in which I am enjoying macro photography and when it comes to macro photography what is a better subject than flowers?

I have been walking past this one flower for a few days on my way to work and I always notice the star pattern on it. Recently I just grabbed my camera and went out to get a few photos. I thought if I am going to wait any longer either someone will pick it up and it will die. Up to today it was still there and I hope it stays there as every time I see it, it always makes my day better. It's amazing how nature can be so beautiful and perfect.

This photo was difficult to get as it was windy and we all know the closer you get to your subject the more stillness you need so I just sat there waiting with the camera in hand for when the wind shows some mercy.

I shot this photo using a Canon 40D with a 60mm f/2.8 macro lens and edited/converted to black and white using Photoshop CS4.

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