Friday, February 10, 2012

Peace Lily

Close up abstract black and white photo of a Peace Lily
"A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love." Max Muller

Lets just open this paragraph by saying that in my opinion Peace Lillies are the nicest plants. I have seen them several times but only recently I learned what was their name. I was shopping for indoor plants for my new apartment and came across them and bought one. I've been hooked ever since and it will be no surprise if I fill up the place with them.

I have been trying to take photos of it for a long time but none make me really happy or do the plant any justice. Today I tried again and came up with this one. In the photo we see one beautiful flower that bloomed from the plant.

I was torn am the plant. It's shot at close up range and since I had no tripod I had to try several times to get the photo I wanted. I was torn when it came to convert it to black and white or leave it in color and as you can see I decided to convert to black and white. I like the feel that it's a little abstract yet clear enough to see that it's actually a plant.

The Peace Lily photo was shot using a Canon 40D with a 60mm Macro Lens and edited in Photoshop CS4.

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