Sunday, February 26, 2012

Eighth Avenue

Today I was once again browsing through my old photos (by old I mean maybe two years old) and I came across this one. At first it looked like a tourist's photograph but then I looked again and saw the potential of a great black and white conversion.

For those who don't know Eighth Avenue is in Manhattan, NYC. This part of Eighth Avenue is very close to Macy's, which is my second favorite area in Manhattan (first is Times Square).

This line is only intended to people who know what I am talking about. Notice the 421? I guess someone was a minute late. :)

Anyway this photograph was shot using a Canon 40D. As far as the lens goes, I can't really remember which one I was using because it's been too long. As for editing and black and white conversion I used Photoshop CS4.

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  1. Hi:) beautiful picture. Can I use this photo as the background to my blog?