Sunday, November 27, 2011

Times Square

Times Square, New York City

Times Square in New York City
"Chaos is the score upon which reality is written." Henry Miller
Have you ever wondered what being in a video game felt like? Wonder no more and just head to the marvelous Times Square. I would suggest going in the evening as in my opinion, in the evening, Times Square is even more colorful than the daytime.

Times Square is the heart of New York City and while tourists flock to it to see the grandeur, New Yorkers tend to avoid it unless they really need to be there. At first I couldn't understand how could someone would want to avoid Times Square but in time I began to realize the real reason. 

I shot this photograph using a cheap Samsung compact camera. Some minor editing was done using Photoshop CS4. This time I didn't want to convert to black and white as Times Square is all about color!

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