Friday, October 21, 2011

Lady in Red

Metropolitan Museum of Arts, New York City

People waiting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City
"Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick." Gwyneth Paltrow
Today we go back to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. This picture was shot this summer and you might ask why all the umbrellas and winter clothes. We had a bout of cold weather and a few days of non stop rain. 

As most of know the Metropolitan Museum of Art is quite a busy place with tourists and locals alike. But it's very rare to see lines like these waiting to go in there to see something. So what was the occasion? The occasion was the magnificent fashion display of Alexander McQueen. Thousands of thousands of people waited for endless hours to get in and I am sure they were not disappointed. It was also written down as the most popular exhibition that ever visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I couldn't help but notice the woman in red. It was a dark and dreary day and automatically people wear dark clothes so when someone decides to wear something that doesn't go with the flow it instantly captures your eyes. This was the case we see here in this picture.

This black and white photograph was captured on my iPhone using the Hipstamatic app. Some minor editing was done in PS CS4. Settings for Hipstamatic were BlacKeys B&W/Lucifer IV

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