Saturday, September 3, 2011

Street Jazz

Upper East Side, New York City

Hipstamatic iPhone New York City Pictures
"Jazz is rhythm and meaning." Henry Matisse
This photo was captured in front of the Metropolitan Museum, Upper East Side and is part of the Hipstamatic photography series of New York, Manhattan.

One of the best jazz duo I have ever encountered on the street. The passion they were putting into their music was radiating on the street.Whether you are out walking or driving by, New York always offers something to entertain you. New York is also one of the best cities for photography as you are always guaranteed to find that perfect moment waiting to be captured. So whether you are on the Upper West Side or the East Side, grab your iPhone, open Hipstamatic and shoot away.

The settings on the Hipstamatic camera for this photography series were Libatique 73/BlackKeys SuperGrain. Some minor editing was done in Photoshop CS4.

For the picture below settings were Roboto Glitter/Ina's 1969. I gave it a subtle HDR look in Photoshop CS4. 

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  1. Whenever I used to encounter jazz players on the streets of NYC, it always felt like life in that small space had slowed down from the rest of the city.