Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Arches

Central Park, New York City

Famous Bethesda fountain in Central Park, New York
"Knowledge is the only fountain both of the love and the principles of human liberty." Daniel Webster
The path in the picture, is the path that leads to the Bethesda Terrace and Fountain. We have seen this terrace and fountain in numerous movies, but to stand there, physically stand there and admire it with your own eyes is something completely different. The whole area is beautiful. The stairs leading to this 'hallway' in the picture, the 'hallway', the terrace and the fountain all collaborate together to create this master class scene better known as the Bethesda Terrace.

This picture was shot early in the morning so I was lucky enough to get the picture without any people in it (except for that one woman on the right side.) 

The area is very popular with tourists and New Yorkers alike. It's very serene and I think it's considered as one of the landmarks of Manhattan, New York!

 This photograph was captured on my iPhone using the Hipstamatic app. Some minor editing was done in PS CS4. Settings for Hipstamatic were BlacKeys B&W/Lucifer IV


  1. beautiful and inusually vision,great work i follow you!

  2. Molto bella la simmetria. B&W eccellente!

  3. Gorgeous photo!

    Have you any photo software? I "zapped" a guy standing in the middle of one of my photos with corel photo by cloning a bit of field over him. I've tweaked my photos that way for years and it can make a world of difference.

    Oh and my photos (up till last month) were all taken on a mobile/cell phone! ;-) "last month" I got a small sony digital camera - i'm still figuring it out. :-\